What Is ADHD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is characterized by a combination of inattentiveness, distractibility, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Managing work, school, and household tasks can be very challenging for people with ADD and ADHD. Fortunately, those afflicted can learn coping skills to work around shortcomings and harness their talents — as many successful people with ADD and ADHD have do

How do I know if I have ADD/ADHD?

The symptoms of ADHD fall into two distinct categories:

Symptoms of Inattention:

  • difficulty maintaining attention, organizing tasks, or setting up tools needed for a task
  • does not pay attention to detail or follow instructions carefully
  • makes careless mistakes in schoolwork or other activities
  • fails to finish schoolwork or other chores
  • loses things and is forgetful
  • does not seem to listen when spoken to directly; lethargic, appears to be daydreaming

Symptoms of hyperactivity/impulsivity:

  • restless, fidgeting with hand or feet or squirming while seated
  • unable to stay seated or play quietly
  • as small child, may run, jump, or climb about constantly
  • talks excessively at inappropriate times
  • blurts out answers before questions are completed
  • has trouble taking turns or waiting in line
  • interrupts or intrudes on others; grabs things from people

How Do I Start Treatment?

Meeting with a clinician one-on-one for a first visit is the first step in addressing your symptoms. Based on this assessment, your therapist can help you decide on the best approach to begin to work on your symptoms. Starting treatment is a big step, and we’re here to help. Our clinicians are here to answer any questions you may have, and to help you through the process of getting started. To request information, or to get started with a counselor, fill out our contact us form and we will be in touch.