What is NeuroEmotional Technique?

NET is used  to help clients process and release stress-related issues — both in mind and body. The following principles apply within the steps of NET:

  1. cognitive (identifying thoughts and internal dialog associated with recollections),
  2. emotional (identifying the emotions the recollection elicits), and
  3. behavioral (how the recollections affect actions, relationships, etc.).
When working with NET, practitioners use a manual muscle test as a tool to help identify involuntary physiological responses. In this way, the muscle test is used as a gauge of autonomic reactivity to given physical and/or verbal stimuli. It is common to start a session with an “I’m OK” Personal Declarative (PD). If a PD tests weak, the practitioner can then find an associated pulse point, identify a related emotion and further develop the core issue. During the NET correction phase, clients are asked to hold a specific pulse point and the Emotional Points (located on the forehead, halfway between the pupils and the natural hairline), and engage in a simple breathing process while they focus on the identified distressing event. When finished,  the original “I’m OK” PD will be retested, and it should now test strong — indicating the client is congruent with the PD and more balanced in regard to this issue.

What issues does it help?

We know stress can affect our mental well-being in many ways and addressing stress-related issues can help release unwanted symptoms and behaviors. NET can help anyone who is experiencing symptoms due to mind/body stress. 


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