Case Conceptualization Group

We meet the third Wednesday of each month (virtually) at 7 pm until 8:30 pm. 


The group is open to professionals (LSW, LCSW, LPC, LCPC) in the mental health field as well as students studying to become one of these professionals.


For each group you attend you can earn 1.5 CEs. The cost is $25. If you are interested in CEs, we are requesting that a credit card is kept on file at The Cognitive Clinic. If you do not want to earn CEs then attending and participating is free.


A bit more about the format.. Each month someone will present a case they have. We have different templates to help with this. Once the case is presented (about 15-20 minutes) then the rest of the group will be using a process called Six Thinking Hats. Each of the other participants will be assigned a color that corresponds to a type of information they are responsible for gathering. As we move through each color hat, the case that was presented will be flushed out and in the end, hopefully, suggestions and feedback will be helpful for the person who presented. We may decide to record the session, if requested, so that the person presenting can just listen and not worry about taking notes.


In an ideal world, those interested would be able to make the meeting each month. We know that is often not the situation. If you are only able to make certain meetings and not others, that is fine. We just ask that if you sign up to present that you do everything in your power to not miss that meeting. Without someone presenting the process does not work. Additionally, I am sure it seems overwhelming to write up and present a case. I get it. In some ways you have it easier. The others in the group will need to think on their feet and participate according to their color hat. Sometimes that pressure is hard too.


Just know that the facilitators are here to help in any way possible.